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Forever Free!!! Free 1-page Fan page

Forever Free!!! Create a free one-page facebook fan page to keep as long as you want. We want you to make the process as simple as possible. There are no extra costs!!

Content CreationSimply Drag and Drop Apps

Here at PageFlame we allow you to simply go drag and drop apps – Youtube, Twitter, RSS Feeds and more into one simple editor. We save you the time of looking for apps.

No Coding NeededNo Need for a Design Team

Who says you need to be a Tech Guru to make a fan page? Assumptions are made immediately once someone sees your page. You are only given a second to attract customers!!

Best ServersPowerful & Secure Servers

We have the most Powerful & Secure servers to ensure your fan page is doing its job and allowing you to safely execute your business tasks. Security of your data is our business!

Your AccountAll of the Control

At PageFlame we will give you one account with unlimited pages, and all of the control. All you need is one PageFlame account to control all of your fan page creations.

Profit TemplatesUser-Profit Templates

PageFlame gives you unlimited customizable templates. Choose from unlimited database of company and user-added templates for your fan page. Submit your own templates!!!